Field of Glory Scenario: Battle of Antiochia 1098 (1st Crusade)

This scenario is designed by our finnish friend Mikko V. We played it a different times and it was always close, exciting and entertaining.
The crusaders are on the better POA ´s, are concentrated and have more and better commanders. On the other hand the muslims are flexible, fast and able to attack from 3 sides at the same time.
So I would say, everybody with armies for the crusades should give this scenario a try ... and have fun.

Scenario rules:
1. Homs allies deployment area between camp and river. Deploy first
2. Crusader´s deployment area 12" from the long table edge. Deploy entire army after Homs allies. Crusaders start the game.
3. "Rear" march led by Duqaq of Damascus arrives on the Muslims´ 2nd turn. They can arrive anywhere on the crusaders rear table edge
4. Kerbogha can decide when he joins the battle, but get only the number of BGs shown in the table below, counting from the top of the army list. The rest never join the battle (and don´t count for the breakpoint of the army).

Turn / BGs
1        0
2        1
3        2
4        3
5        4
6        5
7        6
8        7        

Victory conditions:
The game ends with a muslim victory if the crusader army breaks
the game ends with a crusader victory if the muslim camp is taken or the muslim army breaks

Optional (to make it a bit more difficult for the crusaders):
the game ends with a crusader victory if the muslim army breaks or the muslim camp is taken and all BG´s stopped looting (this means that the camp is removed from play)

Optional rule:
At the start of the battle a crusader commander must be nominated to carry the holy lance. If he flees from the table and/or is lost, ALL Crusader BGs must pass a Cohesion test.

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